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What is my commission for the accounts I resell?
Discount is: 50%.

How does the Reseller Account work?
1.Buy credit minimum 15 USD (3 accounts).
2. After the approval of your Reseller Account you'll be able to order products at 50% discount rate directly from your client area.

How else can i earn money from MicroVPN?
You can get paid to post on blogs or write articles and positive reviews about our products.
Click here
for more informations.

What is my bandwith limit?
All VPN accounts benefit from UNLIMITED BANDWITH. VPN accounts are unmetered.

How will I get and manage the VPN accounts?
With the reseller link bellow you add credit to your account. After that, any account you order will be deducted at 50% discount rate from your credit. VPN account details for the account ordered will be sent to you instantly after you complete the order, and the amount is deducted from your account. The accounts will be activated and closed automatically when expired.

How much 10 acounts will cost at 50% discount rate?

10 accounts x 10 USD/month = 100 USD - 50 % = 50 USD.
So the 10 accounts will cost 50 USD for resellers. Clickhere to see prices.

I need to use my own brand and domain for reselling VPN accounts.
For resellers who need to manage the VPN accounts, under their own brand and domain, we can provide a WHMCS server module to manage clients automatically. Please contact us for setup.

I have a website. What links can i post and how can i get money from MicroVPN?
Webmasters can publish their affiliate link received by signing up on the affiliate link bellow,
or earn by posting a positive review about our products. Clickhere for more details.

I don't have a website. Can I be a VPN reseller?
Yes. You don't need to have a website to sell VPN accounts. Just post your message on forums and boards or sell the VPN accounts to your friends or colleagues, or earn by posting a positive review about our products. Clickhere for more details.

When and how will I get paid?
Payments are made on demand. Please contact us at any time to request your payment. Minimum amount is 50 USD.
You can request payment to be sent to you by Paypal or Liberty Reserve, contact us if you need other payment method.

I have a website and a payment system. Can i join?
Yes. If you can colect payments from your clients please do so. Contact us for details and setup.

I cannot collect payments from clients. Can MicroVPN do that?
One method consists in referring customers to our site using an affiliate link.
For each client referred by you that buys from us, you will receive 30% of his payment.
If you cannot colect payments from clients and you prefer this method just sign up bellow.
Your Pay-Per-Sale commission for this method will be 30%.

Features vs Account Types
Pay-Per-Sale commission
Minimum Payout
Minimum Sign Up Price
$10 Sign Up Bonus
Access to VPN management
Collect/Process Payments


Option 1: Sign Up as Reseller and get a 50% discount!
Option 2: Sign Up as Affiliate and get 30% comission and $10 Sign Up bonus!

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