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Upon purchase of VPN IP Changer product you receive a static US IP and instructions to setup your browser's proxy to access the server that will change IP every 10 minutes.

VPN IP Changer product offers dual layers of protection: VPN and Proxy.

The proxy option will protect you in case the VPN link is disconnected.

To connect to the proxy setup your browser to use http proxy port 8080 while connected to the VPN server.Click here for more setup informations.

To increase protection the proxy's external IP will change every 10 minutes.

If you don't need to have your IP changed every 10 minutes, you will just have to skip the instructions and use the static IP assigned to your account.

To login just copy and paste the username and password received in your activation email.

If you lost the login details, you can access them by logging into the client area
and visiting "My Emails" section.

The dialer should go away if your login is successful, and you can start using the internet as you wish. If the dialer cannot connect, it will retun an error number.

First try to turn your firewall off, as most likely the connection is blocked by your firewall.
Also check your wifi/router and visitthis page.

Please contact us using thecontact form, describing the error details and number.

Please contact us if you need to setup VPN on MacOS or Linux, orclick here

Read more here:VPN Setup

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